ANNECY: Fox To Sneak Peek New Primetime Comedy ‘Universal Basic Guys’ On Wednesday

Fox will sneak peek its newest satirical animated comedy, Universal Basic Guys, on Wednesday at Annecy. The network is a big believer in the series, and has already renewed it for a second season, ahead of its launch this fall in a prime timeslot after The Simpsons.

Universal Basic Guys centers on two blue-collar brothers from South Jersey, Mark and Hank Hoagies, who lose their jobs to automation and are given $3,000 a month in a new basic income program. Now, they use their free time and free money to find purpose in a world where they’re no longer needed.

The series is co-produced by Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.

It was co-created by real-life brothers Adam and Craig Malamut, who have created, wrote, animated, and voiced popular sports animated web series for Bleacher Report, like Game of Zones and The Champions. This marks the first network project for the brothers, who are self-taught animators, but it almost certainly won’t be their last as they recently signed an overall deal with Sony Picture Television to develop new animated series.

Wednesday’s preview screening at Annecy will place at 12:30 pm at the Imperial Palace’s Salle de l’Europe.

Following the screening, the Malamut brothers will discuss their new show, and will be joined by Dana Tafoya-Cameron (head of production, Bento Box), Daniel Weidenfeld (senior v-p, head of development, Bento Box), and Frank Ochoa (v-p of adult animation, Sony Pictures Television).

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